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Pigmarama® AD range highly pigmented water-based dispersions stabilised by optimised blend of surfactants. Main uses are for the pigmentation of emulsion paints. Also suitable for tinting acrylate, soap coloration, latices, aqueous woodstains, wood protection and varnish stains.

Pigmarama® AD products offer the following advantages :
The PIGMARAMA AD product range is compatible with most of the resins.
These dispersions are binder free, pourable and pumpable .
These products are designed for coloring water based paint applications.
PIGMARAMA AD displays high strength, improved gloss and excellent compatibility. Their high color strength and consistency of standard from batch to batch provides a good base for reproducible and economical colors.

The PIGMARAMA range is typically suitable for decorative emulsion paints and water-based gloss paints, where they can be used for indoor as well as for outdoor use, depending on the pigment selection. They can also be used in some general industrial paints and woodstain applications.

Pigmarama® AD
Product NameC.I. ReferenceChemical TypePigment %Light Fastness
Full ShadeTint
PIGMARAMA Yellow 10 GYellow 3Monoazo4577
PIGMARAMA Yellow GRYellow 13Disazo4076-7
PIGMARAMA Oxide Yellow CTYellow 42Iron Oxide5788
PIGMARAMA Oxide Yellow DYellow 42Iron Oxide5788
PIGMARAMA Yellow 5GTYellow 74Monoazo4065
PIGMARAMA Yellow 3RYellow 83Disazo356-76
PIGMARAMA Yellow DKYellow 155Disazo407-87-8
PIGMARAMA Yellow F3GYellow 154Benzimidazolone3888
PIGMARAMA Oxide Yellow FBYellow 184Bismuth Vanadates4588
PIGMARAMA Orange 2ROrange 5Monoazo4565
PIGMARAMA Red BRed 2Monoazo407D3-4
PIGMARAMA Red FGRed 112Monoazo4075
PIGMARAMA Red PRRed 254Diketopyrrolopyrrole407-87-8
PIGMARAMA Red FBRed 146Naphthol AS4053-4
PIGMARAMA Pink ERed 122Quinacridone2587-8
PIGMARAMA Oxide Red GRed 101Iron Oxide6088
PIGMARAMA Oxide Red BRed 101Iron Oxide5388
PIGMARAMA Violet RViolet 23Carbazole307-87
PIGMARAMA Violet RLViolet 23Carbazole227-87
PIGMARAMA Blue BRBlue 15Phthalocyanine4088
PIGMARAMA Blue BGBlue 15:3Phthalocyanine5088
PIGMARAMA Green GYGreen 7Phthalocyanine5288
PIGMARAMA Black CBBlack 7Carbon Black4088
PIGMARAMA White PWhite 6Titanium Dioxide6588