Pigment Preperation

KEMİTEKS® has been developing, producing and providing a complete range of pigment preparations for almost all textile materials and fibers, indoor-outdoor paints, printing inks, paper, latex, wood stains, sponge and soap coloration since 1993.

Our brand names are:
PIGMACOLOR pigment dispersions: These dispersions are used for textile printing, pigment dyeing and coating of all substrates used in the textile industry.
PIGMARAMA colors: These are highly pigmented water - based dispersions stabilized by the optimum possible blend of surfactants. Pigmarama pigment dispersions are used for wall paints, artist paints, concrete, wood and soap coloration.
PIGMAPERSE pigment dispersions: They are compatible with most of the solvent and water - based systems and are also used for sponge and soap coloration.

All of these products:
Are environmentally friendly,
Exhibit brilliant shades,
Display High fastness,
Are highly glossy and concentrated products.