Pigment Dyeing RangeTextile

Dyeing with pigments is becoming more important each day due to fashion trends, the reasonable costs involved and enviromental precautions.
There are two main technique in pigment dyeing. One of these technique is padding and the other is exhaust dyeing.
PIGMACOLOR pigment dispersions are finely dispersed and perfectly homogeneous, this avoids screen clogging during print process and levelness problems in dyeing process.

Padding Technology

PRODUCTS (Padding Technology) Dyeing binder (anionic) Special antimigrant Crosslinking agent Anti-blocking agent for roller cylinder Dispersed pigments. The following advantages brings prominence as well as popularity to pigmet padding application. Easy dyeing system Pigment dyeing is suitable for continous process. Fibre mıxtures can also be dyed.

Exhaust Dyeing

PRODUCTS (Exhaust dyeing) Cationic binder Mordant Low temperature crosslinking agent Dispersed pigments Pigment coloring, which has for many years gained prominence through the use of the padding and printing methods, has of late become even more dynamic by it is application in garment dyeing. Pigments don’t have any affinity to fibres, they are unable to form any chemical bonds. It is for this reason that, when using the exhaust dyeing method first the fabric must be cationised by pretreatment. Garment dyeing contains the following steps; Pretreatment (Cationisation) Dyeing.