KEMITEKS® produces a variety of emulsions from Pure Acrylics to Styrene Acrylates, Vinyl Acrylates, Polyvinylacetates under Kemiline® range for your success in textile business.
We deliver a full range of emulsions for non-vowen processing, flocking, carpet backcoating, speciality coating, lamination and pigment printing applications.
We participate in the creation of the new trends. Our emulsions bring you profit through the latest technology.
We strictly follow and implement the global and domestic regulations in our field.
Our research and development laboratory, furnished with sophisticated testing and application equipments is devoted to maintain a strong position in this field.
We finally add our expertise in textile applications, achieved during our long presence in this field, to your application needs.
We don’t just deliver goods, we are with you to apply them technically on your products too.
Take a look at our textile product range, you will certainly find something of your interest. Please submit a request for more information.