Pigment Based Digital Printing Inks

Pigment Based Digital Printing Inks

DIGIPRINT - P inks are the pigment inks which is specially formulated for digital printing

They have very bright, deep and vivid colour and excellent fastness properties. Based on the highest quality pigment powder, they offers excellent reliability, printability and optical density.
DIGIPRINT - P inks are compatible with Epson & Kyocera print heads.
DIGIPRINT – P inks are free of formaldehyde and banned Amines not release through reductive cleavage the MAK III A1/III A2.

DIGIPRINTLight fastness
Dry cleaning
Yellow P7/84/54/54/5
Magenta P7/84/54/54/5
Cyan P7/84/54/54/5
Blue P7/84/54/54/5
Black P7/84/54/54/5

(1) ISO 105 B02, (2) 150ºC – 5 min ,(3) ISO 105 D01, (4) ISO 105 X10
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Main Advantages of DIGIPRINT – P pigment digital printing inks;

» High colour yield, brightness and brilliancy
» Excellent reproducibility
» No clogging of nozzle
» Less wear of print head
» Better print quality
» Satisfactory of fastness level