Polyurethane, PVC, Plasticiser

PIGMAPERSE -S colour paste are designed especially for the colouration of polyurethane slab-stock based polyester systems.
The pastes are very finely dispersed pigments in low viscosity polyol which has reactive hydroxyl groups, and react with the polyurethane systems.
There are many advantages when using PIGMAPERSE-S colour pastes :
They can be used for the coloration of polyether foams.
Even when used in high concentrations they do not impair the physical properties of polyurethane system eg. Crushing force and permanent set.
The fogging value is not affected by the use of such pastes.
Flexible polyurethane foams coloured with PIGMAPERSE-S are fast to dry cleaning to test DIN 54002 and do not bleed in perchloroethylene.
Colour pastes are resistant to the temperatures which occour during polyaddition. At extremely low foam densities, core discoloration can occour which experience has shown to be due to discoloration of the polyurethane which can not be covered up dosing colourants.
A part from their use in flexible or semi-rigid polyurethane foams in block or formed shapes, PIGMAPERSE-S colour pastes can also be used to color other polyurethane systems.