Flocking Binders

Product NameChemical
Total Solids
Tg *
KEMILINE FL 400AC462,0 - 4,0200-21<0Very soft, Excellent flock / fiber bonding,
high scrub resistant
KEMILINE FL 401AC452,0 - 4,01000-16<0Very soft, high scrub & abrassion resistant,
Durability to yellowing
KEMILINE FL 402AC452,0 - 4,0800-6<0Soft, Excellent flock / fiber bonding,
high scrub & abrassion resistant
KEMILINE FL 405AC465,0 - 7,0150-7<0Soft, Excellent flock / fiber bonding,
Excellent thermobonding
KEMILINE NW 380AC424,0 - 7,5200-32<0Extremely soft, resilency,
Very high scrub & abrassion resistant
KEMILINE FL 403AC602,0 - 4,0700-19<0Very soft,
durability to washing & dry cleanings / yellowing
KEMILINE FL 404AC462,0 - 5,0800-12<0Soft, hydrophobic,
Durability to washing & abrassion
KEMILINE FL 406AC596,0 - 9,01600-4<0Soft, Very good fiber bonding,
High solid content

İtalic characters coded products are under development
(*): These are typical properties of the emulsions and should not be considered as specifications. Certificates of the analysis (COA) are available upon request.
AC : Pure Acrylic CopolymersVA/AC : Vinyl Acrylic CopolymersViscosity : Brookfield viscosity, mPa.s
S/AC : Styrene Acrylic CopolymersVA/Veova : Vinyl Acetate / Veova CopolymersTg (°C) : Glass transition temperature
PVA : Poly Vinyl Acetate PolymersVV/AC : Vinyl Versatate / Acrylic therpolymerMFFT (°C) : Minimum film formation temperature